Alicia Corven is a Brooklyn born Latina and five-time Emmy Award winning producer. She has been working in the media industry for over 18 years. Her skill set covers an extensive range in media production and promotion.

     Her previous roles as a director, editor, production manager and integrated project manager, enable her to see a much broader overall picture than many people in the entertainment field. She understands how things work on a multi-platform level from a creative, production and marketing perspective while maintaining a sense of humor and strategic approach to executing anything on my plate.

     Alicia is currently in the works on building a team and continues to collaborate on projects and bring new ideas that are bigger than ourselves and inspiring to our audiences.

Mission Statement

 Carmen&Co Media is on a mission to represent the underrepresented across the nation by making changes in their communities and disrupting industries. Our approach is to create content that educates and inspires audiences to unlearn the social constructs our society has raised us to believe. We aim to create space for a new dialogue that allows us to progress forward through sharing meaningful stories of marginalized people who are innovators and make an impact on mass audiences. The intent is to work with a diverse group of people who share a similar vision for collective progress and change for the better.

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